I love you ❤️Hi my name is Seven and I'm a bulldog who loves to sleep, snore and pass gas. LolStaying in tonight but I got all dolled up to film this makeup look for you guys that you've been asking me for  #dedication #workeveryday@sccastaneda used the #missylynnpalette to create this look. Can't wait to see this tutorial. Her highlight on point too!!! Mysterious #Marilyn - warrior princess
#33weeks & 3 days! Today marks 3 WEEKS in the hospital, due to #PPROM. Haven't gotten up from this same bed, haven't taken a shower, haven't used a toilet, feet haven't touched the ground, havent even sat up. I know most of the amazing nurses just by their voices, I know what every sound/beep/alarm means, even hospital-wide stat calls. I know how to properly flush a picc line. I'm no longer shy about my body being wiped, poked, examined, bathed..even by student nurses. I feel like an entertainment attraction. People just stand around looking down at me laid out or sit around and watch, whisper & ask the same questions. My eyebrows have tails again. My nails...the growth!! These are my natural nails, with regular gel polish. I Keep them clean by soaking my hands in hot soapy water, washing and scrubbing with a tooth brush. My cuticles, skin overall, are super dry and chapped. ANYWAY! Last update was pretty depressing. Everything is the same but I'm at total peace now with the entire situation. I was looking at Tuesday the wrong way, as a goal date. Doctor said it's more of a deadline. Makes no difference NOW if I go into labor today, tomorrow or Tuesday. As long as baby isn't in danger, I can safely deliver at ANY time now. He'll still go to the NICU, I know what to expect there. That's a whole other emotional obstacle to conquer but I'll deal when we get there. For now contractions are a welcomed thing!! I experienced a good wave of pretty painful ones today but they didn't stay consistent enough to be considered active labor. I thiiiiink I'll make it to Sunday or Monday. I feel like something is starting but nothing can be 100% predicted. Each day that passes the dr is still amazed I made it this far, infection & further complication free. As far as I'm concerned I've completed the mission. I am successful and have fulfilled my duties for Baby M. I'm very excited and ready for the ending of this dramatic adventure. I'm ready.Life 101: Stop trying to fit in, it's boring to be cookie cutter, just be YOU! by @Dearnatural62 #motivation #life #girlsSitting on the beach wishing those wave curls were curly fries Sempre quis tirar fotos nesses doces fofos!!  #BiaEmOrlando #BiaNosEUAHome❤️
#rivet ❤️hiThank you @juliasallure. This coincides with the swatches I posted earlier of the @makeupforeverofficial pro sculpting duo #2. The highlighter is a dupe for both limited edition (sold out) items: @maccosmetics Whisper of Guilt and @esteelauder HeatWave. Two of the most popularly craved highlighters.  Tag a friend who may wanna see this.We started dating in highschool. I had the hugest crush on him at 16, my stomach would do flips everytime I saw him. It all started when he asked me what color my prom dress was so he could match his tie, and here we are almost 10 years later. We had just traveled to Ireland to where he spent part of his childhood, and visit family. Everyday rained except for one, when we hiked to the highest cliffs of Europe. The view was picturesque and truly breathtaking--the most perfect moment to get proposed to by the man who can still make my stomach flip. #stonefoxringsHow I'm feeling
Jude got cleaned up for the weekend!Ahhhhhhhhh. Fuck this. I'm so mad. I'm trying to tell you guys THIF, no TGIG no TGIF. I'm drunk. It's Friday. I was gonna take a cute picture, but nooooo. candid. ❆❆❅❃❂❁❅❆❆❅Want to see a favorites video !? I have been loving a few beauty items I would love to share featuring these amazing custom bangles ! ❤️ also leave me a comment on what videos you want to see from me !!!Now on #SHOPJEEN ☺️ // @shopncla @shopjeen #nclaxstephstone go snatch em uppp ✨