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It's a treat-yourself kind of day. Had brunch with my college friends, then went to HIIT with my brother (I have barely been able to walk since weights training on Tuesday as it is — the sight of stairs makes me want to cry — but this is the good kind of pain), then I shuffled home to find this on my bed: a bowl filled with beautiful blooms and beauty-boosters to keep me looking fresher than I feel right now. Haha! Thank you, #EsteeLauderPH! ❤️Feline flicks as seen on @nicoal_ann #regram #eyeko #wingityourway #linerlove #makingeyes Selfie with these beauties Lexi & Dez @rissrose2 your daughters are the sweetest just like mommy This is not goodbye my #youtubefam it's till we meet again!!! ❤️ can't wait to see everyone's Vlogs and hauls!!! #VegasMommyMeetup #teamyniguezvegas #the411mommas #youtubers #youtubemom #youtubekids #youtubefriends #mommyvloggerPeople ask me all the time how I got so flexible and strong. The simple and easy answer is that I have been practicing every day for the last 15 years. I was not naturally good at yoga, couldn't touch my toes, bend my back or even do a headstand when I started. But through devotion, dedication and determination I've been able to experience a slow steady shift from the impossible to the possible. In traditional yoga philosophy this is called tapas, which means the discipline to accept certain pains along the road to purification. Today's Yogi's Assignment is Tapas. There's are many ways that you can integrate this ancient spiritual principle. Try making the commitment to do something that is difficult for you in service of the practice, like getting up early or doing a posture that you always avoid. Or, try kicking an old habit that is getting in the way of your practice. Or maybe you make the decision to increase the number of days that you practice or wake up early (like I did this morning) in service of yoga. Physical, mental and spiritual tapas builds strength and determination that give you the power to achieve your life goals too. Success is as much as habit as it is talent and luck. You already have everything you need in your heart to succeed in yoga and in life. Through the power of tapas you learn to access your natural strength and truly be strong. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Are you enjoying your #yogiassignment ? Share your tapas with me here and use the hashtag on IG so I see it or send me a snap. Follow me "kinoyoga" on snapchat for the full yogi's journey
 Late lunch / Jack Daniel's Burger Seriously inspired by these ladies!!! Will miss you all! And if you haven't tried @kumasnowcream it is def a must when visiting!!!! ❤️ #VegasMommyMeetup #youtubers #youtubefam #the411mommasI can't express how amazingly supportive and humble @rissrose2 is! Loved spending time with each other and our kids! ❤️❤️❤️ #VegasMommyMeetup #the411mommas #youtubefam #youtubefriends #youtubekids #teamyniguez #teamyniguezvegas #rissrose #riserose2RG @oliviapalermo. Our guest creative director can't hide her excitement after receiving the first #OliviaPalermoXCiateLondon nail collection! #CiateLondon #LovePlayColor #beauty #bbloggersCan't get enough of this @shopdixi necklace! And @missguided crop!
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