we ❤️ our #REVOLVEme girlsNEW Post on my BLOG I have decided that I am going to blog more! I do like it, I know I said that in an earlier post but I have worked out me direction you see..... I started all this shananigans by reviewing Luxury handbags on YouTube and well I think I want to dedicate this blog to all things Bags/ Handbag/ Small leather goods/Luxury and most of all selling #Jerushacouture items do you get my drift?! #new logJust because you have been with someone for a significant amount of time doesn't mean it's okay to loose sight of happiness. Never should you feel alone to the point where you might as well be alone. I'm not talking about that "alone" - I haven't seen you in a while "alone." I'm talking physically and emotionally. It's pointless. Crazy thing is, sometimes people have a hard time accepting the truth. I'll admit. I was one of those people. I accepted being in a relationship where I felt COMPLETELY alone! A relationship where I would literally have full blown conversations only to hear silence on the other end. A relationship where I felt extremely self conscious and unhappy with myself. It's hard to put into perspective because you find yourself brushing it off like its normal. It's not. It's extremely unhealthy and despite what you tell won't ever get better! Facing reality will be hard. I will cry. Hell, I've cried but It WILL BE OKAY! Life goes on and I am honestly so incredibly happy with MY decision to #MOVEON!#sexkittens #lol
@mildredpage and her amazing momma! Love you, Millie!  // #fashion #fashionillustration #illustration #ootd #watercolor #artI don't remember where I saw this for regram credit but I just love Uzo/Crazy Eyes. She is one of my fave gals in #oitnb. Anyone else have a massive Flix-over after watching the second season straight through? Matted hair, makeup all Picasso-ed out & smellbug like pizza and rumpled couch blankets. #worthit New years resolution right cheer! :)KEVINThe show’s about to begin. Tune in to QVC for Today’s Special Value,® Chandelight Glow, a QVC-exclusive 8-piece collection of face, eye and lip treasures. (Click the link in our bio to shop this kit)
gettin down #ripplaylistNYCLoving the Salon Interior. Too pretty! @maymaysalon Gading Serpong♡GoodnightThank you so much to Natalie for the unboxing of my @memeboxglobal. You said such sweet things and I love your shirt!! Thanks so much for your support. Xx #lightscameraphoto
A moment to Blog!!! #speedy30 #newblogpost jerushacouture.blogspot.comChicken wingLove itttttttt ❄️✨ @arianagrande #santatellme #newsingle#thankyoujesusI feel like a little mermaid ❤️☺️ sequin dress by @misshollyxox ✌️ #missholly #shaaanxo